There's been more words written on Twitter than in every book ever published. Combined.

That's a lotta content 😦

Are you keeping up?

Nobody's got the time to open up Twitter whenever they get a novel idea to share with the world.

(The photos of your food don't count.)

And let's be honest with each other, that list of articles in your Pocket is just collecting dust, isn't it?

So how in the hell are people sharing so much content on Twitter?

One word: Automation.

You know, like when you get robots to do things for you?

Okay, let's break this hack down from a technical standpoint.

We're going to be using 3 completely free services:

You're going to need an account with each of them.

Ready to get started?

First, let's head over to and sign up for a trial account.

Once you're in,